Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Have u ever heard about good and worth baby diaper which the quality is mostly the same (for me, it is better) than Mamy Poko?

The answer is TOUJOURS!

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What is Toujours?

Toujours is a GRED A GERMANY DIAPERS. It's much way cheaper than Mamy Poko and the quality is mostly the same. The price is really affordable.

Size and Quantity

Green Pack (Midi - M size) - 4kg - 9kg - 56 pcs

Red Pack (Maxi - L size) - 7kg - 18kg - 50 pcs

Blue Pack (Junior - XL size) - 11kg - 25kg - 44 pcs

Babylicious Gallery Price for January : RM34 per pack or 3 pack for RM98!

* Price for February 2010, will be revise soon.

Those who want me to post the diaper, just sms for postage fees.

Pick up location : Taman Ehsan, Kepong (map and address will be provided thru e-mail)

Wanna ask me?

Call or SMS Amie 012.925.1007


  1. aaaaaaaaaaa...dh ada on9 babyblog! congratz amie dear..

  2. waaa bravo amie nice blog ler the email me punye logo so cutie :) wow u jual murah eh 34 only too bad i still ada 4packs with me bought from Lina sebab dekat nak pick up kat shah alam only. yay one more place to shop! kekekek

  3. Sue : Thanks Sue. Tak tahulah menjadi ker tak nie..hahahaha

    Lisa : Thanks Lisa! It's ok.. If Lina near u, why not buy from her dr jauh2 nak dtg umah I kan? hihihi.. maybe items lain ok!

  4. Ryan pakai mamy poko .u ade sample tak?dia easily rashed kalo pkai slain MP ..or smallest pack?XL size.

  5. Mommy Stephanie Liah : I ambil sample dulu and get back to you later ok!